Electric massage ball, four speed massage ball, USB charging massage ball, yoga training knee, sports foam knee

Four level vibration mode: enhance your pre training and recovery system with low / medium / high / pulse vibration mode, suitable for heating, improving circulation, and recovering muscle pain and tightness

Rechargeable and ultra portable: only 3.9 inches in diameter and 0.79 pounds in diameter, the compact and lightweight treatment ball is so portable that you can take it anywhere you like to relax, the best partner for your camping, training, yoga or fitness trips

Scrubber: all around the silicone, water strength is IP65, can directly wash massage ball, but can not stay in the water for a long time

Pain relief: massage balls enable her to reach difficult pain points, provide relief, shooting therapy and relaxation, massage and relieve back, buttocks, legs, arms, waist and feet.

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